Technical Overview of DivaSystem

This is a Technical Overview of DivaSystem as The Number 1 Financial Consolidation Solution in Japan.

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Automated Consolidation Process

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Overview of DivaSystem Configuration

DivaSystem is one stop for all consolidation-related process such as data collection & data check, consolidation process, and generating output report & data analysis.

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Consolidation Process Overview

The whole consolidated process will be presented in the following way.

The detail activities to automate your financial consolidation report with DivaSystem

Data Collection & Data Check

DivaSystem  users can collect and check data with ease, improving the accuracy and efficiency of their financial reporting.  Data Collection & Data Check  makes it easier for users to collect and input data from multiple sources, including spreadsheets and other software applications. The feature also includes automated checks for data accuracy, ensuring that users can quickly identify and correct any errors.

EIGS (Excel Interactive Gathering System)

At DivaSystem, we understand the importance of efficient and accurate financial reporting. The Workflow of Data Collection using EIGS  (Excel Interactive Gathering System)  is just one example of how we continue to deliver innovative solutions to help our users streamline their financial management processes.

Interactive Online Data Collection

EIGS is a module with interactive online data collection features consisted of Microsoft Excel and DivaSystem database. Interactive Online Data Collection also improves collaboration and communication among team members. Users can easily share data with each other, track progress, and monitor performance. This helps teams work more efficiently and make more informed decisions based on accurate data.

Workflow of Data Collection using EIGS

The Workflow of Data Collection using EIGS allows users to automate their data collection processes, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that data is accurate and up-to-date. With this feature, users can easily manage data collection tasks across different departments and locations, streamlining their financial reporting processes and saving time.

Consolidation Process Overview

Here’s how to prepare consolidation procedures and their 4-step process.
1. Translate & Combine

2. Offset

3. Intercompany Transactions

4. Consolidation of Cash Flow Statements

Consolidation Process Overview

Consolidation is a crucial process in financial reporting, especially for companies that have multiple subsidiaries or business units. In  DivaSystem , the consolidation process is divided into four main steps.The first step is  Translate & Combine , The second step is  Offset , The third step is  Intercompany Transactions , Finally the  Consolidation of Cash Flow Statements  is the fourth step.

Overall,  DivaSystem  provides a comprehensive solution for the consolidation process, ensuring accurate and efficient financial reporting. With its advanced features, companies can consolidate financial statements from various subsidiaries with ease, saving time and reducing errors in the process.

Translate & Combine

Where financial statements from different subsidiaries are translated and combined into a single reporting currency. This step is necessary because each subsidiary might use a different currency, making it difficult to compare the financial performance of each subsidiary.


 The parent's portion of net assets and NCI each, at the end of the period, is the sum of its amount at the date of acquisition and increase/decrease occurred during the period.  The amount of each at the end of the period will be carried over to the next period.  A journal entry to eliminate investments in subsidiaries will be generated based on the parent's portion of net assets and NCI.

Intercompany Transactions

DivaSystem provides a comprehensive solution for managing intercompany transactions, including upstream, downstream, and lateral schemes. Our feature allows you to input intercompany transaction data easily and accurately, making it simple to consolidate financial statements across your entire organization.

Consolidation of Cash Flow Statements

This step involves the consolidation of the cash flow statements from different subsidiaries into a single cash flow statement for the consolidated entity. This process enables companies to have a better understanding of their overall cash flow and make informed decisions accordingly.

Output Report & Data Analysis

DivaSystem 's reporting feature offers comprehensive and customizable financial reports that provide accurate and real-time information. Users can easily generate various types of financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, as well as other reports to support business decisions. With  DivaSystem 's reporting feature, users can analyze and visualize financial data with ease, helping them to gain insights into their company's financial performance and make informed decisions.

Output Report & Data Analysis

DivaSystem has wide range of reports with greater data reliability and enables analysis for legal reporting and management decisions

1. Diva Reporter, 300 types of fixed format output reports & interactive analysis report. Output to Excel, html, and PDF file. Elaborate drill down function from summary to journal entry. Enable a previous period comparison.

2. Diva Data Viewer, Multi-dimension analysis tool. Easy to perform comparison analysis between companies, business segments, FCST-Actual, Previous-Current period. Quick response to imperative needs to reporting or analyzing

3. Formula X, Report creating tool. Flexibly response to the need for various reporting such as auditing and monitoring group management KPI