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Corporate Performance Management

DivaSystem has the No. 1 installation track record for consolidated accounting systems. It has been used by a total of more than 940 companies of various sizes and from a wide range of industries.

Corporate Performance Management

Budget & Consolidation Reporting Tools

DivaSystem is used by over 1000 corporate costumers and has gained the number one market share in consolidated accounting system.
You can collect local data from various group companies both domestic and overseas by using methods suited for local conditions and situations.
Based on the gathered data, you can manage your business on a consolidated basis from perspectives of any cross section.
A Section SubtitleDiva FBX is a web-based application for gathering and reporting data for group management.
FBX can improve data gathering and aggregation process drastically. FBX can distribute data reporting format centrally to all related.

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Number one market share in Japan.  
*source: survey by  Fuji Chimera, ITR.

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out of 200 biggest market cap in Tokyo Stock Exchange use DivaSystem

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1000+ companies run DivaSystem to grow their businesses.

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