Tired of seeing only Name, Email, and Phone Number in your Customer Data Platform? We bring you more than that: Aggregated Profile.

At its core, we complete your customer profile by aggregating various data from public and private sources. Our real magic is using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology to seamlessly craft a detailed customer profile, so you can focus on the more important things.

We help you to understand your customers.

From billions of potential customer data

Learning who your customers are from their online traces is not easy. And, knowing each of their sentiments said in your social media and websites could be a mundane task for most of us to do. In this vast evolving internet world, we can help you to understand better this data in a quicker, more precise and more informative way.

Transformed into a comprehensive, ready-to-use data

Our advanced AI Analyzer in Natural Language Processing analyzer have been trained to analyze different levels of conversations–casual to the expert–by identifying the sentiments, tendentiousness, brand mentions, and interests within the words. We have experiences in various industries such as automotive, advertisement, management, and other 20 sectors.

Our Customer Profile Aggregator platform also allows you to understand each of your customers thoroughly so that campaign, sales and after sales of your products can be directed more efficiently.

We give unfair-advantage across industries.

Research done by Forrester in 2019 shows that by knowing and providing your customers their most suitable products, your revenue will grow alongside with their love and trust.

Source: Forrester Study in 2019

Your success starts from understanding your customers.

See how we can help you build a better customer personalization and gain more revenue too.